What is TrenIno?

A Lego railway diorama controlled by Arduino that can be managed by a smartphone or a tablet. It measures 335 × 178 cm (416 × 224 stud), was made with over 15,000 bricks, there are 4 trains and about 250 minifigures placed on 60 original Lego© bases.
Fantasy and technique, bricks and pins, tracks and programming: a mix between 2 different worlds.

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How does TrenIno works?

The arrive and departure of the trains is automatically managed according to the command given by the user through smartphone and trasmitted via bluethoot to Arduino Core.
Basically we hide among the bricks:
– 5 sensors to recognize the transit of the trains both on the docks and on the intersection giving priority to the first one that arrive at junction.
– 5 traffic lights to help you understand which trains will pass and which ones will wait.
– 4 drivers to control 2 trains and 2 switches to manage the entrance and arrival at the station.

In the last release we added:
– a camera with housing compatible with Lego® printed with a 3D printer to see live and in first person what the train does.
– an mp3 player for the dynamic announcements of the station for the arrival and departure of the trains using a real time clock for on time announcements.

 The diorama seen from above

The diorama seen from above

Which hardware components were used?

– Arduino mega rev 3
– L293d h driver
– Arduino infrared sensor
– Red and green led
– Dfrobots mini player
– Rtc 1307

 The TrenIno

The TrenIno "brain"

How do we carry everything?

Already from version 2 we have reviewed the entire diorama and we have created a modular system in order to be assembled and disassembled as fast as possible.
Initially we employed more than 4 hours to assemble and 2 to disassemble, with this modification we arrived at 1.30 hours to assemble and 45 minutes to disassemble.
Not so bad!

Which hardware for the camera system?

– Eachine tx02 5.8g
– Charge regulator 18650
– Receiver rf 5.8g
– Battery 18650 3.6v 1500mah
– Lego compatible custom 3d printed case